Casas Brancas, by Mónica McGill

Case Overview

Our journey with Casas Brancas, a renowned tourism association in Portugal, began when Mónica, the owner, approached us with an urgent problem – her website was performing very poorly. Full of technical errors, the site was constantly inaccessible and, when available, was extremely slow, taking almost 30 seconds to load completely.

The project involved extensive site redesign and performance optimization. We embarked on a mission to redesign the structure of the site, eliminate the technical glitches, cut out the excess, and finally ensure the site functions efficiently. The result was an impressive improvement in the loading time of the site, with it loading completely in less than 2 seconds after optimization.

The Brief

When Monica contacted us, the Casas Brancas website was experiencing significant performance problems. The site was often inaccessible, and on the rare occasions when it did load, it was extremely slow, taking up to 30 seconds. This not only damaged the user experience, but also had potential repercussions on the association’s reputation and search engine ranking.

Our task was twofold: perform a complete redesign of the site to achieve a modern, user-friendly interface and perform a complete performance optimization to improve the speed and functionality of the site. The challenge was to transform the site into a fast, efficient and accessible platform, without compromising its visual appeal or the quality of the content.

Our approach

Meeting the double challenge of redesigning a site and optimizing performance required a meticulous and systematic approach. We started by doing a thorough audit to identify and understand the main issues that were causing the site’s poor performance and accessibility problems.

Once we had a clear picture of the problems at hand, we started working on the redesign. Prioritizing usability and user experience, we simplified the structure and design of the site, while preserving the existing aesthetics that its users had come to identify with.

Parallel to the redesign, we undertook the task of performance optimization. This involved extensive code cleanup, removing unnecessary elements, and optimizing the site’s content for faster loading. This process was carried out with the firm concern to maintain the functional and aesthetic integrity of the website.

Our strategies were implemented incrementally to allow for continuous testing and adjustment, ensuring stability and improved site performance at each stage.

Casas Brancas Portugal

The results

Our complete approach has produced impressive results. The Casas Brancas website, once slow and unresponsive, has been transformed into a highly efficient and fast-loading platform. After optimization, the site was able to fully load in less than 2 seconds, a dramatic improvement over the initial loading time of 30 seconds.

The redesigned site, now with a modern and easy-to-use interface, along with significantly improved performance, has improved the overall user experience, reducing bounce rates and encouraging longer visits to the site.

By fixing the technical flaws and improving the speed of the website, we have not only made the site more accessible and enjoyable for users, but also improved its search engine ranking potential, thus paving the way for increased visibility and traffic in the future.


Decrease in the rejection rate


Increased average session duration


Increased page views

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